Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Walk as The One You Follow !!

It was given to me the Other day That I am A. Judgemental B.Prideful C. believing in my interpretation of the word of God, simply because I refused to accept an out of text teaching in the word of God and Know that it is What I continually deal with when It comes to men who proclaim to be teaching the word of God they will tell me well this verse says or this verse says, and to Them I have always said simply study it in it's fullness and see if it gives the same meaning as you apply.
And the verse that was given me that I might adhere to their false teaching was. and i quote Corinthians book 1 chapter 1 Vs:3-6 and that was to expound on the Grace of our Lord, and I do praise God daily for this Grace granted unto me.
verse 3-6 is Paul's exhortation of the saints at Corinth, praising God for the Mercy and Grace we receive Through Christ Jesus.
However it is Not because We have mercy privilege to continue on in a sinful life and Paul Goes on from verse 3-7 Vs through Chapter 11vs34. and these things are of us according to the flesh, that we should walk uprightly and as saints of the most High God we are not free, as we have freedom in Christ.  If we are to partake of the life given us, thru His mercy and Grace we are too Live in this manner it was said well by Paul do we continue in sin so that Grace may abound, God forbid, In that  Grace comes to no effect.
We are not at all free as men would teach you, we are obligated by our works to live Godly lives ,seeking the word for our precepts and to live as such,Knowing That it was His Gift at the cross, that Made us free of the flesh, if you are free of the flesh; I say it is time to truly put on the new man and come out of the world and his teachings. Because our works could not save us Did He come Did He Die and on the third Day was He resurrected.
And now I ask you are we then to cast aside the works and say let us live as we might? let us now serve as we will for it is of none effect we are washed in the blood! Not Me at no time He spared me, from what I was; I owe it to be what He intended.
I owe It to His Blood Shed for me to walk as a Saint and A child of God I am at all times, to strive to walk this earth as He walked,
and in His spirit I shall, because I know it makes a difference.He has assured me, That while my works would not save me they shall be my reward.


  1. Joseph you are my saint Joseph and I believe in you!

  2. Remember who Love and light is, and you shall walk with me. will have those brownies ready for you tomorrow sweetie. You are my mentor and my Teacher and I so want to walk with you today.

  3. I am no saint and it is Jesus that is to be followed and learn nothing from me except that you should look to His Word and Have Him reveal His Spirit.
    your Brother in Christ Joseph


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