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Lao Tzu

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Albert Pine

Friday, January 14, 2011

do You even want the truth?

I have often told everyone Just research and find out who your giving your time and your money too, I have always said this for reasons, that most seem to think because,I am homeless for over 2 decades, I have been Hurt By or I harbor some ill will towards these agencies. well since you have refused and Keep telling me that I need to just get the Help I need and I have been called a lot of things I receive hate mail on a daily bases and I am here to tell you I really Don't care if I am hated for sharing the truth with you than so be it.
and I will pose a question to you is there a one of you that were happy with the way the bank crises was handled in this country as of late, I am assuming most of you will answer no to that question and if the answer is know and you continue to donate your time and your money To the homeless help organizations in this country than you need to know that You are giving to this same circle of men and women men and women who have for years set up a structure of help in this country.
that would dumbfound you. some of them being ex HUD directors who during their reign in office assured no bid contracts to lawyer friends of there's in building HUD affordable housing units, men who represent company's like Conoco oil Men who are by the very best estimate making annual incomes of over 6 figures while Men and women who they are helping still sleep on the streets in this country and are most often the blame for their situation by their expert opinion there are those who have lobbied for big pharmacy company's who at one time used the homeless for social experimentation it was not called experiments it was called blind studies, and they subjects were those who had mental illness and lived on the street. 
And I asked before because I don't want to be believed I want you to research these people yourselves I can guarantee if you look at any board of directors of any homeless help org you will find Men and women in these power positions that you wouldn't trust with your lunch money but this country with its system of no oversight or no checks and balances system has given them free reign with billions of dollars annually. that they might steal from those with nothing but as of late I don't think you will stop and look or research I believe Good men and women with a heart to help, will just continue to sing the praises of these organizations and will keep their heads in the sand where they might be comfortable.
 and If you really don't want to do the research yourself than don't  I am Not going to post all there names on this blog and that not for fear or reasons of not being able to prove what I say but as I have a book that I am almost ready to self publish and would like to be able to keep so of my data in it's form but if I with a 10 grade education and had never been near a computer until about 6 yrs ago if I can find the truth than I know you can. question is do you want to?


  1. I'm a former journalist and you're right. Big business and DHS do benefit from the homeless, from those paying and receiving child support, from drug trials and more. Did you know that Lockheed Martin and Maxximus created a way to make child support payments a stock and money meant to help the homeless is traded on the stock market? to download the PDF on welfare. But you will never get the mainstream media to report on these things. The lobbyists, big pharmaceuticals and corrupt judges, corporations and elites will shut them up as they are shutting up Julian Assange of wikileaks now.

    What you say is all true and many people know it, but few will talk about it and fewer will repeat it. Keep fighting the good battle my friend and know that Jesus is working on your room in heaven.

  2. Joseph I come to you for the truth, and only the truth! And I love what you are doing right now. By educating those who are to stubborn to know the truth. I am not afraid to tell others to go to you for all knowledge that you have Blessed my life within the word. My Love and Light.


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