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Albert Pine

Monday, January 17, 2011

Pastor raises awareness

While I to feel the pastor is Camping and not suffering Him His sacrifices But Is a Small Thing To sleep out with Those of us That Are out here going thru this. there are people who Thru their efforts wish too raise public awareness.

I however would rather as a pastor to sleep on the church steps of the ones who lock their doors to men sleeping in vans On there streets, and ask His fellow servants Of The Lord most High why it is that Men and family's and those who are not found provided for are turned away from the houses of the Lord and Cast out to fend off the elements. take this yolk of asking the faithful claiming to be his faithful, in these matters and make this Your calling of bringing awareness to the homeless problem of the church today.

Because the Homeless problem we face today has far surpassed what a man alone in a church, can do Until the Whole of what We are as a Church Stand out with Him, He Is A Lone Pastor asking what are we missing, And the rest are Just asking what are we missing.But To continue Drawing awareness to a Problem With out ever discussing  The problem itself .
That being said Is it possible for a pastor To draw attention to homelessness in Sleeping outside without creature comforts for a month, Yes It Makes those in His World See it and its Plight. but it is not an actual presentation of homelessness in this Country.
Homelessness is something That people Do not prepare for or plan, It is not something that Has or holds no appointed times or dates It happens too you.One Day There you are Maybe there where signs but ask anyone who as of lately has become homeless it is suddenly upon you, And It Comes On in A way that tells you it needs be fought off  It Is to The very best a battle and I have seen personally those who where defeated By it.
But as to the pastor Sleeping outside I wish The best To Him and Hope that One person Might hear His plea I know that I and My Lord Has Heard, and Hope You will also Do not, let people ever not be aware of that which goes on around us. Those in need will be found everywhere at all times if your looking.
Homelessness isn't found in the faces of strangers it is found on the faces of family and friends on the faces of those you Go to church with or work with it is in the eye's of those who are today serving in your military or attending your colleges it is the faces of those around you.
you are the face of homelessness because it is spreading at a rate at a percentage rate more than that of the populace increase of your fare planet.more people are born today, with out an home of there own than with one, more than any other time in history.
This Because more people are born outside of a family community dynamic. than ever before.
In Short we are failing at a very basic level.  At Home is where this problem should have been addressed, If Your neighbor Or friend or just the family down the road is becoming homeless and those around them are not their safety net, We have failed.
So To Any pastor trying to raise awareness to the problem instead of moving out to were the homeless are move one into your garage or your Church Basement, or some of the elders, barns or even your Church. This is How aware we should Be.

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  1. Yes Joseph! Tell them like it is my Dear Friend. Until they walk within your shoes they have no Idea what your life is like. I am so with you on this one!!!!


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