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"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Monday, January 24, 2011

So that I am clear on my Stance on Homelessness

I have recently began to think that we are fighting a never ending battle as the estimated people to loss their homes in 2011 are upwards of 1million people who's home will be going into foreclosure, in the upcoming year I am wondering if we should really be touting the fact that we may be housing 100,000 people over the next three years, as I said before we have small victories in this fight but we are losing the war.
I feel like a lot of what I say is clear as to my stance on homelessness and the battle which we are in, and then I know for the sake of argument that their are things i need to clarify.
I recently stated that we could end this problem and I was disenheartened by the fact that little is being done about it, i do know that their are people in this fight that are giving their all, and I praise God for those of you that are in this fight, and I am full aware of the obstacles you face. 
But when I look at all of the people that have read what it is that I am saying and see them continue to embattled them selves in the same fight day after day I often ask myself is their something they don't understand about what they are doing, is it that I don't have the eloquence of speech that others might have. Or is it something that is just unexplainable, and in the questioning I have come to the conclusion that it is as simple as people believe so much in what they are doing they are blind to the fact of who they are doing it for.
Know that their are liable laws many of which I would have been in violations of If any of what I say where not true, as the truth stands on it's own, and I am not myself embattled with any legal recourse from those that know what I say is true I will tell you,all of your either inability to recognize the truth when you hear it, or your ability to block the truth from entering into your awareness. because daily I see good people whom I have had many a conversation with continue on with the things that have got us to where we are today in this battle.
and I will tell you if you are going to continue than I am going to think that maybe you don't really care if men and their corporations brought to you in the disguise of non-profit organizations continue to drain the system of homeless help to the point of being at best a temporary shelter system displayed as a supportive housing help services. than it is true you either don't care or you like myself feel helpless to do anything. 
but I will tell you as I know National alliance to end homelessness
Pathways to Housing, 100,000 k homes, project restart, salvation army, goodwill Industries, Saint Vincent de Paul society, world economic forum's council on philanthropy and social investing,national resource center for homelessness and mental Illness ,Fannie May,Shelter Partnerships inc,Corporation for supportive Housing, The Homeless Resource exchange, And yes the Dept of Housing and urban development,and Common Ground, Just to name a few more nationally Known Organizations.
have since the early 1990's been profiting from the very people they are claiming to help, If you do not believe what I am telling you before you Re tweet them before you try to get your friends to give to them, or before you lay claim to be helping Men and women like me than you owe it to yourselves to Look into any one whom you are going to stand behind and say Look at what they are doing for the homeless because you feel it a Good thing they are doing find out who they are as I have.
I tell you that on some of the boards of these places are men who have lost corporate jobs because of sexual harassment men who have been in government their whole lives doctors who have taken kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies, for drug studies performed on the mentally Ill homeless in their care, lawyers who have represented legislation to abridge personal freedoms of those living on the streets, to pass laws against men like me.
 there are members of the council on foreign relations that have at best set themselves against the impoverished of the world not just this country and there are many more men and women on the boards of these organizations that have for one reason or another decided that there is money in helping people, sad thing is people I have come to think dear to me sing there praises.
Look All I hope to accomplish In this life of mine such as it is. Is to not see really an end to homelessness but rather see housing recognized as a human right, and those whom would profit from this system put out of business as they are presently conducting themselves in a fashion that I find to be despicable. 
My hopes of everyone being housed in my lifetime is fast fading I only hope too see some accountability brought to the system.

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