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"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

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Albert Pine

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We Yes We.

We are found too be In a Country where Both Common sense and The Educated Mind Are found to be elusive. The reports from the Us.Gov and from various web sites Have released estimates of another 3million Homes this coming year will Go into Foreclosure and another 3.3 million people will lose there Jobs, If the economy does not Take a turn from it's current path. They attribute this to the steady decline in American job starts IE new Jobs from New business starts, these numbers on Job losses are not at all factoring in the loss of Jobs From failed businesses, I will also for the sake of this post assume that no more businesses will close in America this year.
It is also estimated because of new foreclosures Hitting the market Housing starts will be at a all time low nationally though some markets will see growth.
We are also funding various unsustainable programs, that may in the upcoming year face long term budget Cuts.these cuts are already laid out in many pieces of house legislation already slated for legislative review.
some of these programs to be cut include student financial aid programs, dept of education,dept of housing and urban renewal, dept of the interior, department of agriculture, department of natural resources, and department of transportation. Social security Department , department of Human Resources.This is not a complete list of Departments too be cut.
However I will tell you that the department of defense and the department of homeland security, the department of emergency management, or the department of Justice, are not on any list slated for budget overhaul by the legislative branch of The united states.
We Are In the deepest part of the pool here folks we have passed our window of opportunity, to redress the Government with our concerns over their spending taxing spending policy. 
While in the last 3yrs of the united states Congressional sessions.Authorized between war spending and bank bailouts and pork belly projects enlisted by those elected to serve,A whopping 4.7 trillion dollars. much of which when asked in congressional hearings sessions admittedly these Bums said they could not account for huge portions of this money in the upward sum of 1.8 trillion dollars and this is a matter of Congressional record.

congressional budget office report stated this we pay every month on the debt alone.mind you it is more than spent on most department of government annually.
Monthly Interest on the Public Debt  $104,700,174,845.03

This is the most preposterous thing I have ever come across in all of my research into government spending and that only because these figures were released in Dec 2010. It overshadows anything I have ever come across in years of research. I only now share it with you because I do not believe my book will be finished before this boat sinks.
the below links will take you to treasury dept reports facts and figures so you too can see how we as a people are being screwed out of our homes and our Jobs and how the Men that run wall street and the banks are an illegal cartell and are robing the American people with their borrowing money from themselves and making the American tax payer pay back to them and their banks at a sum more than they allow the American people to spend on their selves to save their very way of Life.
In FY2010, the Treasury Department spent $414 Billion of your money on interest payments to the holders of the National Debt.
This is the interest alone and Not some figure that an uneducated homeless man pulled from the sky. please follow the links thereby following the money, It is after all the money is taken from you They just didn't think anyone cared about their reckless abandonment of value's and illegal dealings to actually research these facts and make them known too others. These links are pages full of other the outrage.
These reports and the web site you are taken to are from the us treasury dept and if you actually read these reports and then are able to look at yourself in the mirror without being as outraged as I am and start to make noise and call others attention to these facts then you are not part of this Country we are not your fellow citizens and you need to pack all your stuff and move to the district of Columbia with the rest of these crooks.
If men and women sleep on the streets at night in this country it is the fault of everyone who is aware of these facts about the men who are robbing the coffers.
we Owe It to each other to stop these men or you will soon be living out Here with me But fear not I love you America and will keep for you a spot at my fire, I may however be burning one of these men's houses soon for comfort they have robbed me of.
If there isn't any food on the store shelves and we are on the verge of taking up the torch of the good citizens of Egypt. I can show you a thing or too about north American edible plants.
God bless you one and all wake Up my Friends God Is watching!!

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