Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Friday, February 18, 2011

Social Media To the Homeless A Blessing ?

Social media and the Homeless experience while At times To Me the Social media has Been A blessing as It Has for so many in the world, I must also proclaim that it to at times has been a curse.
I rather have enjoyed at times the opportunity to make friends not just all over the country but rather all around the world. in this it has blessed me and has enriched my life because I have with some people built relationships that will endure for a lifetime and I count the people with whom I have had the blessing of interacting with from all walks of life, and have been because of social media formed real friendships.
To those I have become friends with To you Thank you may you always be blessed.
There is another side to this story, however because daily There presents themselves to me the other side of social media, the people who I have come to believe are so unhappy in their lives that they have no good thing to say about anyone or anything I by the nature of what I know best do allot of hopping from one to the next message boards news forums and media outlet comment boards and twitter feeds and facebook discussions anything that pertains to the homeless issue both because it is what I know and what I am.
The darkness of this social media that I have freely chosen lies within these very places where I also find comfort because there is not a day That goes by that I am not confronted with the bashing of the homeless and the degradation that is poured out upon me by those who view the homeless as less than human it is most prevalent in our society and it not something that is unique to any group of people as I have been bashed, and through this blog been hated upon from people in almost every country and all walks of life. 
People who are so devoid of understanding that when they see a homeless person, they see someone less than a wild animal someone who is hopeless someone who is a dirty filthy disgusting scourge on our fare planet, what they see and the things they have accused me of being still shock me!
I have been accused of everything from being a fake homeless person to being a no good drunk, and drug addict, a hopeless failure. and people ask me why I do it? why do you torture yourself and engage these people. and I will tell you all so that you might understand.
I do it because of two reasons, one being this is all I have and two if I might make one person understand that we the homeless are none of these things, while at times some of us might be a drunk, some might at times be a drug addict, some might at times be mentally unstable, or hopeless. If one person comes to understand that while we might at times fit into this stereotype we are more we are men we are women we are sons we are daughters we are brothers we are sisters we are mothers we are fathers, we are  Human we are you. 
And if I can make one Person who holds this stereotypes of us come to understand this, I may have spared the human indignity inflicted  upon someone like me that is out there,  That by ignorance or self indulgence or feelings of superiority, has made the rest of Humanity look the other way. For the fear of what they might see in our eye's, for the fear of seeing in these poor souls the truth that but by the mercy of God it Might be anyone.


  1. Joseph I love you just the way you are! Nothing more, and nothing less. You are the real deal! Not fAKE AND NOT PLASTIC! yOU ARE ONE OF Gods chosen disiples who in fact will make this world a better place through your eyes, and through your heart! You are My Brother, and my friend. and I so adore everything about you!

  2. The world does not need to know my identity! For my Heart speaks for me! You know who I am Joseph! That is all the world needs to know. The peaceful warrior.

  3. What a strong and inspiring post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, everything you stated is just truth. Because your words are guided by love, and love is truth.
    In fact no one is homeless. Our real home ain't on this planet, it's everywhere where God is, and God is everywhere.

  4. Hi Joseph.

    I'm one of your followers on Twitter, @LadyAnastasia.

    I just wanted to take a moment to say you don't need to let those types of people get under your skin.

    I believe from reading your blog and tweets that you have a good heart, and those that choose to judge you, are low. It's better to share a kindness with another human being, instead of a harsh word, and, I know from experience, those individuals who have nothing, are more likely to share than those who have everything.

  5. True words, @LadyAnastasia!


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