Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I don't Want your damned McMuffin.

Was asked If I could have anything I wanted what would it be? What a way too start your Day!!
I answered That If I could have anything at all, It would be for No more people to suffer because of our inability to do what is right for those people that do suffer no matter what the suffering is be it Hunger The elements, abuse, mental illness you name it I said.
Now I am to understand that in this mans opinion that I am the one who suffers from mental illness. (could it be?)
He stated and I quote " That Shit ain't ever going to happen why don't you be realistic."
"Dude you seriously need Help" my reply to Him yes I do I can't do it all by myself it would be a great help if you could tell your friends and get them to tell their friends maybe like a pyramid scheme where nobody really cares if they get to the top first where everyone tries to help the ones they sponsor get there.
He then ask me" Would you settle for a Mcmuffin instead?"
I love the people that come into McDonalds!
but in our conversation I realized maybe it is reaching to High that maybe My desires exceed reality, maybe it is Just that simple maybe we should Just Be, making sure everyone has a Mcmuffin.
And I use that as a symbol.
 What I mean Is maybe we should be just looking to get everyone to settle, For a Hungry man to settle for a Mcmuffin it is a simple thing, For someone being abused It is a simple thing,  To Just settle for being out of the reach of their abuser,  For the unsheltered any ole place outta the elements. right! Maybe our Goals have overreached what is realistic.
I don't believe this Too be the case myself, and Even though I settled for the Mcmuffin Because I was Hungry I really want more I am not satisfied with me, For having given In.
Had I held out could he have been the one who could have. Given us back our dignity, Given us back our basic Human rights Or given Us all hope.
 I don't know this day because quite often when faced With the suffrage of this homeless life rather than hold out for what it is that I want and Need,  I like the rest simply settle. For What has been offered not as It should be. 
Did I fail the rest of my friends and the ones I pray for at night must they continue to suffer, because of my inability to stand in the face of adversity, and demand more to tell those that are in the places of power enough already I Don't want your Damned McMuffin. I want what is right, I want housing as a human right I want corporations keeping us and our children from nutritious foods while pumping us full of genetically modified foods to stop I want for people who are prayed upon by others protected, I want the oppressors of mankind brought to justice I want the whole of Humanity to stand next to there fellow man. I want a world where people aren't judged By what they have but who they are. I want others to stop tell everyone what is right for them, I want men to stop withholding our freedoms, That we might just settle.What I truly wonder is was He right is it never going to happen? Am I being unrealistic?
 Have we become a Human race that because others dictate to us their reality that we no longer stand together for what is right but at the expense of others and all that we know to be true. Will we Just settle?


  1. Accepting a McMuffin isn't the same as giving up hope.
    Besides, how can you stand up for what is right and give hope to others when your stomach is growling?
    No, don't beat yourself up for settling for a McMuffin, you still have a dream and you still have hope for it, and until the hope is gone, there is always a chance that you'll see the change in the world that you're looking for.

  2. My dear Lady Anastasia Sorry you misunderstood the post it had nothing to do with the muffin at all, I was questioning the reality of being realistic, I have been on the streets for 20yrs what concerns me is that we have not advanced in our fight against homelessness in all those years because of our settling, for less than is right.
    we settle for all the programs and never demand recognition of basic Human Rights!!!

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  4. As the blog administrator I removed your comment please for the sake of others try to clean up your sailor language, if not at least comment under your name and not anonymous so we can no who is accountable for your language I will take responsability fro mine you must take it for yours comments with offensive language will be left if not anonymous

  5. I hope you are safe. As one who was temporary homeless with kids. I understood what you wrote. We are still digging out but not without hope and help from our church.


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