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"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

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Albert Pine

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Homeless harassed in Lathrop California.

I would first Like to say I am Glad I walk With The Lord because 
I Haven't always been accustomed to bowing down before others and Letting men just rule over me,with an Iron fist, I truly deplore The police state We live in. I Would like to retain what fraction of Human dignity I have left and would rather Go down swinging But I am in the middle of doing something so.

Lathrop Police Services

Mission - Vision Statement

We, the members of Lathrop Police Services in partnership with our community, will strive to reduce crime, the fear of crime, and improve quality of life by upholding laws, protecting lives and property, and providing a safe and secure environment for everyone.
The vision of Lathrop Police Services, a division of the San Joaquin County's Sheriff's Office, is to be regarded by our community and as the premier law enforcement agency in the State of California.

Values (How we do our business)
Safety and security (our number one priority to all of our citizens living, working or visiting the City of    Lathrop)
E xcellence (The quality of being exceptionally good in our service delivery)
R espect (Willingness to show consideration, appreciation, concern for all people and staff)
V igilance (Careful attention, alert watchfulness of our community)
I ntegrity (Honesty and moral soundness)
C ollaboration (To work together/partnerships)
E thics (A code of behavior, a set of principles of right conduct we model)

Goals (Desired outcome we seek)To Reduce Crime
To Reduce the Fear of Crime To Improve the Overall Quality of Life in the Community
To Build and Maintain Effective Partnerships in the City of

 Lathrop and with all of the City Stakeholders

I would like to point out That These are Guidelines for police conduct in the city of Lathrop California Who are sub contracting the sheriffs dept for city patrols I Would also like to point out that For the police to tell someone that they need to make a plan and go on their way until they get out of the city of Lathrop, and to tell someone that this is their Town when In fact it is the people of Lathrops town and Their Choice of representatives for the safety and security of it's visitors and citizens is a poor at best representation.
Police It appears Take it upon themselves devoid of any Laws Or ordinances, to enforce their personal beliefs that the city would be better off without the homeless. I would also like to add that I have been in lathrop for 2 days and have not seen one other homeless person so their Gestapo tactics my by there nature be working 
I however am not a man who is intimidated easily, and I have to no end pursued the city offices of the clerk and city manager who claims responsibility for these offices for an answer as to why they are trying to enforce a law that doesn't exist.

The truth of what Is Happening to me at present is nothing new it is simply what takes place in anywhere America where the city councils or the governing body takes a not in my back yard attitude with the homeless population of America.
Because the Homeless population of America Are viewed As A lesser deserving population of people and are not afforded the Human rights as the rest of society as a whole.

I do However believe that any city who would set up a website and state that this is our mission vision statement.
Or maybe it has Just dawned on me Homeless people are not stakeholders in the American Communities.
So what Is It That as A American Citizen that Is supposed to Give Us Hope, It Is of no surprise to me that the Light of Hope has faded from the eye's of so many of My friends out here on these streets.
I will avail myself to the powers that be and I will walk my happy self to the next town 16miles I might add and that for sake of what I started this Road trip for, personal reasons. and will not be 
stayed from that which I set out to do.
Please Direct any comments to The city manager at the Link below Or to the San Joaquin county Sherriffs office.

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