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"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Reagan's Homeless mental Patients truth's

As Ronald Reagan Has passed on and is no longer with us, I guess that is why people are so quick to cast any remark that they hear from others out there as if it the truth of History.
While I am not  a Big fan of any president nor am I a fan of government what I do know is that there is truth in the fact that a man once said if Men don't know their history they are doomed to repeat it.
I believe that men should know their history, so in that they don't bear false witness. having said that I would on Reagan's Birthday Like to set the record straight, It was not A act of Ronald Reagan to Pass legislature that cut funding off to thousands of mental institutions in America in 1982 it was a result of a bill that was lobbied  for by The pharmaceutical corporations of both Lilly and Pfizer.
There had previously been a regulation passed that prevented Dr's in mental institution the ability to use non approved drugs on their patients, and The pharmaceutical companies needed, people who had been found to be at that time mentally deficient for the purpose of a drug study alone was the mental institution included in a budget cut and that done by at that time a democratic majority senate and a bipartisan House.It was done as everything in this country has been done for years he who has the most money sets policy, the drug study was completed in 1986 and the homeless mental patients were left to fend for themselves on the streets of our most prestigious cities where the studies where done most were not given continued treatment after the Eli Lilly Study, and they died on the streets of this country.
of the mental patients that were released onto the streets by these men in Washington halls of power,22,800 patients these men and women left out there on the streets of this country, of them 19% went to prison within the first 2 yrs for various crimes of these 22,800 people who were released from mental institutions in this country it is estimated only a handful are still alive today and were those released from institutions in states better equipped to deal with them and i am assuming this would be California because while Reagan was gov there the ACLU filed many suits on behalf of the mental patients to give them Rights.
So I am really tired of every where I look there being some poorly educated individual spouting there rhetoric about this party or that let us speak in simple truth's Ronald Reagan Didn't put the screws to the American people and America had homeless people way before Ronald Reagan took office by the US census bureau own statistics there was never complete recovery of the great depression and many of the migrant workers in the 1950-1970 were homeless in this country except for the exclusionary periods of seasonal housing provided in the labor camps.
so know you all homelessness is not a Reagan created problem what it truly is is a problem of apathy a disregard of our fellowman and a belief that it is our government responsibility too take care of these people who live in the shadows.
Your Government began putting the screws to you and creating a homeless problem in this country the very day that foot stepped onto Plymouth rock and the genocide and confiscation of native American lands began.
And even now as they take from Americans 80,000 homes a month to give back to their banker buddies Americans to damn dumb too pull their heads out of the television or the sand too look around them are under the belief that they wont be next on the Poverty chart how could they they just received another Higher line of credit. 
So the homeless problem folks isn't Reagan's it isn't Bush's or Clinton's or Obama's it is ours.
                                                        It Is The Spirit of Apathy!!!!

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