Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What I have Is All of You.

It would appear that there is no consistency with the greyhound bus lines and some things they do not tell you even when you ask them things such as if you buy a ticket and it is from point A to point B that if you get off of the bus between the 2 points you can only re board the greyhound lines transport within a 24hr period, well shucks It is ok because I needed the time to contemplate everything that has gone on in my life as of late I am now living a life that to some is just one of being worthless, and this may very well be the case.
I however believe my life to be something different than that as seen by others, if I might quote my own son in His words I am "a washed up drunk, and drug addict" I did at one time in my life believe myself this to be the case I can tell you at one time it truly was the case.
I now however do not believe this to be so I truly believe that no matter what a mans station in life,  If he avails Himself to God He can be used as an instrument of The Almighty. It is in this hope that I live daily.
for in my life as it is no man that sojourns on this earth with me has use of a man like me it is something I see in the eye's the hearts and the minds of men around me everyday, it is because of my homelessness that I have come to know this, I am daily confronted by those that view me as somehow less of a human being. I am not so devoid of understanding that I understand How it is that most of the world views Men like me. But for this reason I am who I am today Because I see men like me for who they really are, I understand that in all that we are we are those that have a greater understanding of the reality of life and all that it presents itself to be.
From here where we are most of us understand that, apart from the material possessions of this world are as men equals, something that most men will never come to understand. It is from this experience that life has afforded me with most of my understanding because I am well aware that God ,Views me as Much a Child as any Man. 
People Find it hard too believe that I have as some say embraced my homelessness, and Given up.and nothing could be farther from the truth, I have not given up by the simple fact that I have embraced My life.  What has happened is that I have been delivered from the drive to be something I am not and that is viewed as having given up the fight than I question those that hold this view simply because they value their own lives by what they have instead of by who they are.
Man thru all of His ways and all of His dealing and all of His material possessions has erred. If He believes Himself to be the sum of His possessions and the sum of His wealth or the sum total of His friends or if he views Himself as more because of the number of followers he has on facebook or twitter or his myspace or My yearbook, he truly Has nothing I can say He may be able to buy the things of this world but I possess that which can not be purchased with wealth or with friendship or with the very drive and desire to have it.
What I have is priceless I have a full knowledge that I am a Man equal to all other Men there is no King of earth greater than I and there is no man I am greater than, What there is are Men and women who are as Meaningful to the creator as I.
We are But a vapor and in that we are here and we are gone the way we live our lives will determine the legacy we leave behind. 
what is truly important is that if we leave behind love than we have succeeded, if we leave behind hatred , greed and envy of others we have in the very essence of the blessing of life failed.
If any man views His life as more valuable than that of his fellow sojourners in life than He has missed the blessing of life itself.
He will like all men weather they are of the belief or not stand before the creator and be found in awe of what life really was I believe that none can experience it to the fullness of its intended purpose,we can however If we stop in our efforts to be something we are not and be what we are step into a fullness that in all of our efforts were unable to achieve. It is not as Men would have you to believe a competition, where by your efforts bested your fellow man because if any man woman or child was left behind by us if they where not by our lives assisted by the fullness that was afforded us. We Lived for nothing to desire what men tell you will make you happy comes at a great price all of the material possessions of this world offer only emptiness. It Is My lack of those possessions that has offered to me fullness. so I know that there is nothing of this world that matters to me But the rest of You.  And while I am far from perfection I have by who I am, become aware that It Is only for me to Share the Love that I have with all Of you.


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