Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Egypt's Struggle Your Struggle

Today the people of Egypt struggle to Gain their freedom from the rule of tyranny, our role as America the Country and not the people in their oppression has been one of supporting the very Men in power Who oppress them.
Which in struggling democracies around the world is often the case, We find today as a people that sooner or later a people oppressed will rise up at the very cost of their lives to revolt against those who hold the chains and the objects of their oppression. In the case of Egypt we are finding that because of the United States Failed Foreign policy of which the wealth of it citizens is freely traded for favor in oil subsidies for mere grains of wheat and the enhancement of the wealth of the counties Elites, is not a foreign policy but is rather a incentive for those in power to rule with an iron fist over the poor and impoverished of it citizens.
It is Now and has always been a common practice in the countries in which we and the rest of the worlds democratic societies Europe in particular have a vested natural resource interest in and while we and the rest of the free world expand our far reaching arm of control over these interest, the worlds citizens suffer.
It saddens me in particular that this country has continued for so many years under the guise of  Christianity and that we have come to continually hold our policies in front of the rest of the world as Christian values and nothing could be farther from the truth, the men who control foreign policy and the men who claim To be the harbingers of the will of God to the rest of the world are in fact the harbingers of the darkness of this world. 
ands they speak no more for Christianity than does the extremist Muslim speak for the whole of Islam or  extremist rebels speak for the whole of Buddhism. 
I will not go thru every religion and the extremist views of those who wish to stand up and proclaim there way as the way and separate of them there is no other way to attain the enlightenment that we all seek as a people while often my extreme views of Christianity are offensive to those of the Christian Faith, they are however no less valid views than any man, woman or Child on the planet.
But as a whole as part of the Human race we must come to realize that if it is truly God or the absence of a God we seek in our lives We must respect and fight only for the person who stands next to us or lives across the pond to Hold the views which are unique to them, and to those whom they share their lives with.
For us to continue on the current path and proclaim to be reaching out to the rest of Humanity to share with them our beliefs and our values as if they are the ultimate answer to mans problems we are foregoing the fact that Our God and Our beliefs are overshadowed by the turmoil in which we create.
You will never change the world and bring about that in which we all desire safety for those we love comfort to those in need of comfort, food for those that Hunger, and compassion on those in need of compassion if You think they must First believe as you If you must first convert them to your view of the world.
The Human race is fast coming to the point where everyman must take the responsibility, of the world around him or we will soon see the complete and utter destruction of man kind.
Now is the time to stand against all of the leaders of this world who would advocate the utter destruction of any who are not of their belief or of their religion we must strip these men of their power and we must if necessary visit upon them the destruction that they would visit upon others. 
And we must at all times remember Peace is not something that can be enforced, but rather something that can be achieved through understanding of others and the respect for what they hold dear to them.
I pray people see Egypt and It's struggle for what it is the rising up of a people to live as others would live with the freedom and the means to have peace hope comfort and love in their lives without the oppression of others crushing their spirit.

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