Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Had Hope,Where there is none.

I am as you know a harsh critic of Homeless Help organizations and often those that espouse their belief’s in them, I have been often chastised by others for my unyielding belief that the, people who are most credited for doing the most good are the ones doing the most damage to myself and to others like me. I read at least once a week that there is some new group or agency or person who for the sake of the homeless will venture out into the night and spend it sleeping rough like so many of us homeless do. God bless you for your efforts but know you in no way are drawing awareness to the problem it is one that everyone is well aware of. If you would like to draw awareness to something figure out a way to draw awareness to the fact that Nothing is being done, with the millions and millions of dollars allocated to the problem.
There is by no small chance a great number of us homeless people who are not a part of the shelter system which we now have it affords one with very little human dignity and is a failed system which a man must first forego his belief’s and his dignity for even the simplest of services, A shower food or A bed. The same view is held of Help services in general because this is often the case, Rather than give the person needing the help the choice or freedom to make decisions for themselves we rather make their life decisions for them and tell them this is what is best for you! And for this and the unyielding belief that it is what is best for everyone that we model our outreach efforts.
But It is in its present form what we have,  I am sickened by the fact that people say affront we must change this we must do something new and innovative we must do the new best thing we have deemed as best for them and in that they are praised. I am by far not a stupid man. My only stupidity lies in the fact that I honestly have believed in telling people look the people who are saying, look what we are now doing, they keep doing the same thing They profit from the homeless people. often I have often been asked how can men profit from the homeless? I have explained it in almost everyway I know how. and have reveled to people that it is done by the same people over and over in the form of federal block grants and community development grants. I don’t care if you change your organizations name on an annual basis rather than every four six or ten year period. Since the modeling of the shelter system and the move into the supportive housing industry, which took place some years ago 1990-1996 and the inception of the 10yr plan to end homelessness thru supportive housing, the homeless men women and children of this country have been used as a form of tax credits for non-profit corporations.
I also contend there is no such thing as a non profit organization. If these people continue to be allowed to operate and to absorb the public funding and the private sector donations the problem will continue and these organizations will be allowed to continue to thrive every year building some grand new office complex or some grand by design 200 bed temporary shelter and the population of homeless men women and children will continue to grow at an exponential rate. I do know that there are many people who are reading this that are in know way thoughtless people I know that anyone can look into what is being done and see for themselves the truth, However it does not happen people continue to sing the praises of these organizations who by there own admission for the past 2 decades have been trying their next housing model and in no way changing their approach to the problem, I am Just tired folks I have Tried To reach just one person that might hear my plea, and in my endeavors I have failed.
All the love in the world can not fix the problem we are faced with, we are faced with the lie That what is being done is something that has not been done before. And to those who have not been in some way  associated with the homeless help industry for the past 2 decades it is something new to someone who has been around homelessness most of their adult life it is the repackaging of a system of failure. And believe Me when I say it is not a failure to help me, As Far as Homeless men women and children are concerned it is expected, and Yes a select few individuals have been helped by these organizations the overwhelming rate of failure does not warrant following there 16yr old model of housing first it is by far more costly and more ineffective than the failed shelter system we had before this homes for all model we now are letting absorb all of the allocated budget. The funding is now being absorbed by organizations like as a for instance 100k homes while many of you sing their praise or path achieves, or pathways to housings or common grounds,  know that you do so at The peril of the homeless.
100k homes has sense this past June housed approximately 8000 individuals, and at what cost? the millions of dollars spent in so doing from allocations of federal money and private sector donations has never been discussed in a manner of accountability. ask yourself should we continue to fund a organization who by there own admission are looking to help the most at risk individuals. this is nothing new in this industry, and to continue to fund this or any organizations that believes a less than 19% SUCCESS RATE. Is in an of itself successful.
But I digress I am tired and I have come to care deeply about some of you that really do wish to help people like Me. I only Pray you Wake from your slumber and question their plan and rate of success. and For the others like me there may yet be hope. For me there is none.  

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