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"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Affordable Housing ? Fact or Fiction

To often I have to explain things I say In that I forget I am often addressing people who have never experienced homelessness. And the polarity this life has in compare to that of those people who live inside. I am a blessed man To have been afforded the knowledge of both worlds. I said that I was on the first of every month faced with a deep since of loneliness, I am often saddened by the realization that many of my homeless friends receive some form of income from SSI,SSD,SSDI, Human recourses general assistance grant, and are doing what they do.
Many of these friends Do have addiction problems with drug or alcohol, that I do not deny, I always hold out hope for them when I finally realize it is the First of the month and the herd is thinning, that I might in my next hearing of them find they are taking steps to get out of this drudgery. and usually found to be disappointed in that when the money is gone they are back on the streets. I am always questioning the practice that Has taken place since the early 1990’s of federal Government through the social security administration, made available for anyone with an addiction problem the ability to get paid for your addiction, and the reasoning behind Giving a junkie a 700dollor check on the first of every month, My grief comes from knowing that all across this country amongst the men and women I live with some of them are not going to survive the next few days. Because of this practice. But Knowing That for them There is no available alternative.
I do understand that on the first of the month when they get money it is the few days in their lives that they are afforded the comfort and the dignity that most people not living a day to day existence can ever understand as most people don’t know what it is like to be degraded or refused service at a fast food restaurant, because they need a shower or clean clothes. So for this few days they try to live lives like others they get a motel room and as checkout day draws closer the depression they face knowing that soon they will be back to the harsh reality of the streets and fell it is somehow their fault that there is something wrong with them, Because the money they received is gone. They feel this way because this is what they are told and its wrong. yes they get a check and yes they spent it on motels and being what others told them they needed to be to be normal.
The inherent problem with this cycle is this the money most receive, is not ever going to get them off of the streets because there is not in this country the availability of affordable housing, and people are confused to what affordable housing is and here is a news flash affordable housing does not mean section 8. affordable housing means that tomorrow I could go to work as even a greeter at your local wal-mart and rent a home for the pittance I receive. It is not going to happen, I would have to work a 126hr work week at minimum wage to rent a place of my own. There is no way one can do it for the amount they receive from Social Security, So God Bless My Homeless Friends In there Week Of Humanity Because Next week They Must Again Come back out here and face Mans Inhumanity To Man. On these Street.

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