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Lao Tzu

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Albert Pine

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another feeding of the beast.

A project to convert the former Michigan Bell Telephone Co. building in Detroit to housing for the homeless is nearly $2 million closer to achieving the  $50 million needed to renovate the building.
This morning, a $1.9 million Department for Housing and Urban Development grant was announced for Neighborhood Service Organization, which is spearheading the project.
“This grant will have a significant impact on our efforts to end homelessness in the City of Detroit.” said Sheilah P. Clay, NSO’s President and CEO. “We feel extremely fortunate to be receiving such generous support from the Department of Housing and Urban Development for our work.”
Officials say the grant is the largest ever awarded in Michigan for new homeless programs.
NSO's project will create 155 one-bedroom apartments and support services to help stabilize formerly homeless adults, along with administrative offices for the private nonprofit human service agency.
   Excerpt from An article By Michael wayland

$1.4M in federal grants to help house homeless

By The Associated Press
Published: May 8, 2011 at 7:31 pm
The Maricopa County Association of Governments says it has been awarded $1.4 million in federal grants for three programs that will provide more housing for homeless people.
The grant money comes from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
The county association of governments says the money will provide 52 units of permanent housing for homeless individuals and people in the region.
The group says that overall, more than $219 million has been awarded to providers in the region for more than 56 programs providing transitional housing, permanent supportive housing and supportive services for the homeless.
These are Just two of many examples, Of what Is this Homeless mans opinion a waste of federal funding and in is also simply a way to provide the providers with job security. In the first article which can be found at it tells a simple plan to build a permanent supportive housing complex. and pride themselves on the fact that it will house in one bedroom apartment units 155 homeless individuals and its concept also will house a private non-profit organization. No where in the article or in the proposal submitted to HUD for the Grant and public funding received, does it tally the cost as being over 300,000 dollars for each of the 155 1 bedroom units. am I the only one who see’s this and think it to be insanity at it best?  I also find no hope in knowing that these are the people who are advocating what is best for the homeless population of this country it is the practice that keeps homeless people homeless and keeps the money flowing.
What I do know that the American people have been deceived in that they freely give these organizations an ability to exploit the largest growing sub sect of the American population today, the homeless and impoverished. and it is done because people think projects like these all across America that are absorbing the funding which should as allocated be going to help these homeless and impoverished peoples of our country.are our best alternative.
What I also know is that I with a 10th grade education and a lifetime of experience as a homeless individual in America, can with my limited knowledge of finance today buy and build a single family dwelling, on a one acre tract of land for less than 60,000 dollars. so where is the logic in spending 300,000 dollars to build a one bedroom apartment in a economically crippled city such as Detroit where as an end result you are placing people at risk because they have now become part of a HUD project, which to date has only served any community in the concentration of impoverished people to a undesirable section of our cities. Hence the term “Projects” 
Hud is by practice a defunct and antiquated organization , which has failed the American people by continuing to allow these embedded non-profits to continue to operate devoid of results. For decades. the people most likely to bury their head in the sand and fight the hardest for it are those who along with HUD and Non-profits are those who really just want the homeless population of this country to not be seen or heard from and think this is the best way to achieve that. Me a 50yr old Homeless single male has a better chance of hitting the lottery than I do of ever seeing the inside of a 300,000 one bedroom apartment, And I don’t even buy lotto tickets!! 

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