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Lao Tzu

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Who’s Side Are You On? ( Or the Dog In The Fight)

"Appeal court supports Orlando's restrictions on feeding the homeless in city parks / GOOD! I support such legislation”
                                                                                    Mark Horvath
The result of such legislation, spoken from a man who experiences it, Leads me to wonder why someone who claims to be fighting the good fight and giving me a voice would support such legislation, and lead me also to ask who’s side are you really on but as many of you are aware I ask this question of all those who stand by the embedded system of help which has been established in helping men like me.
so I am not found in shock or in awe nor in any way am I surprised. at statements Like these, by anyone in the “industry” as It is called by homeless advocacy Groups.

Mattie McVey Lord, ‎Scott Griessel, meet Mark. Mark is a national social media guru in our industry. Are you willing to share your pictures beyond FB?

Mark Horvath HA! thanks Mattie
my interest here is to help 51 Homes, and any story that is posted on FB only is shared to a closed group. Posting outside of FB (where anyone even if they are not a friend/like can see) is where you find growth and impact.

I would not be honest in that this conversation between people who want to give me a voice would take place and clearly point out that the advocate for me has a conflict of interest which is most often the case, as Often the homeless need for help differs from that of there lifelines to what they might receive.
I am faced with living in a city where the parks have BBQ pits big enough to roast a side of beef and a small farm yard menagerie. The endless possibilities, however even for a homeless person these pits sit in the city park as if to mock us and to rob from us our hope of independence to have a better way to co-exist in this society, because if you cook something and more than 20 of your homeless friends show up you are in violation of a long list of ordinance. So because of legislation like Orlando's men can continue to be forced to receive help from the dictations of the highly funded failures of the system which pass these ordinances, rather than unite in their struggle to overcome this oppressive existence. We will Give you food stamps but the first time you gather to feed your friends you will be sited for your disobedience. Why I refuse to get food stamps in the giving them to me they where simply setting me up to build a cookfire and this is a lawless act.
I was Blessed in that I experienced food not bombs when they where a bunch of young kids living a lawless life and showing up with food hot and for all and they would have to feed and run literally because they where wanted men and women some persecuted to the point of arrest for giving away food served regardless of legislation. And the beauty of it all was they would serve you no matter what you showed up as a drunk a drug addict, all where received openly as A hungry person.
The problem advocates have with feeding the homeless outside of the system is not one of a health concern as they have for decades used to champion their cause we just want what's best for you. But one of fear If You are allowed To do the smallest thing in their industry you may go on to change the lives of men and woman who are the very core of their existence. If People are not forced to Go to them for help Than they will no longer be needed. so the result is idle Parks With the capability of bringing people together in their compassion, and a common belief that they are of Value to each other . And this is what we are forced to indure
When you say we are going to stop you feeding them did you ever think, maybe we should ask them if they want to eat these peoples food, do not tell me I must only eat from the plate of oppression, and I as A homeless man who lives with homeless men and woman will tell you In the homeless community many of us would ask stop your advocating for the homeless your ignorance of us is killing us, so keep your feigned understanding of us and what we need and want where it belongs in your opinion. because before you outlaw someone feeding me ask me if I want to eat their Hot meal.

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