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Lao Tzu

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Albert Pine

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Dog In the Fight Part 2

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Part 1 Dog In The Fight
A Un-housed  persons paradise, But if you in fact have it in mind that you are going to cook food for anyone who might show up on any given day do not you are going to receive a citation if more than 20 friends show up and you are not certified permitted and blaa blaa blaa, I know I have tried in this very spot and it hasn’t changed much since the building of it in 1981 and hasn’t been because of this ordinance been used much since being built either, It simply Put makes Me sad And we Should tear it out or use it as we will.  These laws That Lead people to accept that this is what is best for mankind as a whole, by anyone who believes to know, what is best for us all, are the very core of what is the enabling factor in the funding of those pushing society in this direction of reliance on others opinion as to the course of ones life.
So you see I have a dog in this fight as well as any fight pertaining to the eradication of homelessness while myself not in any hope of becoming a man who lives in a house there are many hopes for this epidemic which we face the first being the homeless persons ability to have the opportunity afforded any other person and that being to live a life that is unfettered by the common practice to make acts like cooking or sleeping or surviving against the law, and something that with no forethought is instituted in our best interest.
If A person acts as a voice of the homeless but lives in their denial as to what we ourselves deem to be our best interest as meaningless and a inconsequential, I simply question as I always will the purity of their motives. There are men in this industry who truly believe they know what is best suited for me. the very thought that because I am a homeless man I somehow fall into this umbrella of help spread before me. and any question on my need is overshadowed by my perceived need. I am never asked about what I hope for myself and must live in the hopes that others have for me.
The laws that have sprung up all over this county exist for one reason alone to force me to receive the direction that men deem as the best course for a man like me or face suffrage outside of the system they have used to continue making me less proactive in my well being. If not for the dictates of others I would have years ago, been off of the streets but in everyone's efforts to house the homeless no one has ever asked before there actions, How can we help you? it is always rather this is your need we can try to help you to achieve!  The laws against me cooking sleeping salvaging surviving is merely to force me to accept what others see as the best course for me. to support laws that make my life one of lawlessness, only achieves one thing, to alienate me, and to make any supporter of them suspect as to serving their purpose and not mine. Thank you for the Help the Help you give will soon legislate me out of existence and the problem will be solved. So How could I not embrace the voice You have for me?

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