Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Homeless Solution? Not What We Think!

I would like to clarify a statement made in My last Post for Leading anyone to believe That I was going to stop blogging about homelessness, And I was What I thought to be clear Not going to blog about it as if it was a problem that Has a solution as one that is solvable,  Because I do not believe that to be the truth I do Not Believe There to be a solution to the simplest problem first and foremost because we do not live in a society where men are acknowledged as having a universal right as being human to have a safe place to dwell and to shelter Himself from the elements and finding comfort and not being a Human right where it is the right of all we will always see homes comfort and shelter from the elements Lorded over Others That they might be bent to the will of those That have chose to hold these Human rights Hostage.
Hence it is in its Present state not a solvable issue! That However Is not for me the end of it, Because there Are people whom there very well being depend on the availability of housing weather they can afford it or not. there lives depend on it.
I am Blessed that I have friends that I can converse with that bring to me a great deal of clarity on many issues, The biggest of which for me is bringing me to the realization that I am not a man of by any stretch of the imagination an educated man. That doesn’t bother me because, It doesn’t take educated people to realize that as a society what we are doing is not working. while yes things are at times getting better for some the mass of people on this planet suffer from abject poverty, Not brain science I don’t care if you have the latest I phone and all its apps If people go to bed Hungry, in the country which you live or if people go to bed at night without one of their own to sleep in, we Yes we You and I and all of those around us have that day Failed.
I was recently called on the fact, and lost a friend over my outspokenness on this very subject the homeless issue, I would like everyone who remains as my friend and to those I have lost friend and family, to Know my passion on this subject runs deep, It is my Life and my life's experience, That is the sum of what I have to go on. I Said some time ago I would not apologize for myself on this subject and I have found myself doing so often because I care about offending people to whom I meant in no way to them personally an offence, I do not wish to lose friends over it. But I will not stand quietly and watch as people continue down the same path of  achieving their  goals as to a solution, without ever having listened to the answer given when asking what might we do to help you achieve. And then hand unto them, well we will do this for you because this is by far your greatest need. In asking people what do you need it is generally a simple thing they want to feel like they are achieving there goals to a better life not always a house, or things that others perceive as needs some might see as desires or excesses I have the simplest of lives like many in my position I have often said I am a man not homeless just devoid of a house I want my homelessness to end also But not in the same terms as others I want it to end by the recognition of the fact that me not having a house does not make me homeless, the laws that say I can not live in a tent or A what would by some be deemed as a Recreational Vehicle others a mansion, or a mountain meadow in the middle of nowhere because it is simply against the law. to stand and say To someone for you we perceive a better way. Is both oppression and the single most funded failed social experiment on the face of the planet. I am overwhelmed by the reality of the Number of people that continue to come forward time after time and saying we know A house would best stop your homelessness. and get paid huge amounts of money to say this. What I guess I am saying is If you want to make a change, change the way you think, Do not fund people to set Goals for the homeless and the less fortunate your funding,time effort and compassion would be better spent helping them achieve the goals they already have, Not giving thought to what your goals are for them.  May you all on this Sabbath Be Blessed!

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