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"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Please Ask Something!

I Have after Much consideration and Being willing to except advice from close friends Decided that yes I will no Longer Blog On the Issues Of Homelessness as A solvable problem. I will No Longer continue To warn people of the dangers of Continuing On our present course.
I have found That No matter What A person Reveals to Others that There are those who just refuse to hear, And I after having made friends once again in this field, or people whom I would have liked to have thought as to befriending me It appears that all things are not always as they seem. Let me however Explain that I am An Intelligent articulate man and Had I too wanted to take advantage of the system we Now Have in Place I could have long ago been in a Housing unit somewhere. Many think and have said as much to me that My refusal to accept the help that is offered from these so called homeless help organizations that you people are so proud to spout the recent efforts of, Yes because Of my Refusal to accept this help I have been Viewed As One suffering from delusion.
But I myself do not believe and also believe it to be part of the problem that we as Men Or women Who came to a place in our lives where we need ask for a little help must forego any morals or values we might have to accept this help. when In fact the help should come in a more moralistic and valued form and men should be able to have a say as to what form it comes and not have it dictated to them by someone who has quite often never experienced the need. I am not talking about the Mother with a small child who meets you at the receptionist desk in their office but the men and women who set policy and administer funds for these organizations. The Men and women Who have it in their power to dictate their administration of these so called services.
so while yes I could at anytime become like others and I could embed myself in this system and exploit the available services offered, I would however in doing so have to sacrifice my own morals and values and Would only then be contributing to the further exploitation of my fellow man. and My refusal to do this has somehow become viewed as a fault. If it is a fault than so be it, I can not accept help from the same people who for years has made themselves and all of their board members Rich from the misery of others, it only lends to the furtherance of their unchecked ability to exploit a system and a sub sect of society. But I am Of A mind Now that I am dealing with people who Either Don’t care Or are indwelled with a great indifference. To the reality that these people do not now or have they ever had the interest of the homeless person or the American Tax payer in mind.
I am grieved that people who say we need to do something about this problem, continue on in the steed of those that came before them and are so hard pressed to see things for what they really are. to me what we are continuing to do is madness! and it is on this that I stand and for this reason that I have again come to the point of no longer wanting to be found exposing these people for who they really are because you all simply don’t care I do however know that history will bear itself out and a time will come when these people will no longer be able to drink from the public troth, a time will come when Men will stand and say we can no longer fund these endeavors. I only wish that that time would have reveled itself to us before hand and that we could have together stood for something that would have effected great change but I hold no hope for the future of the problem at hand men are today profiting from those less fortunate and good men and women because of their unyielding belief that it is what is best for others continue on in this downward spiral of oppression.
But as the fight is no longer In me I must digress, You have had over me a great victory in that My voice is falling on ears that will not hear. I can no longer fight against my oppressors I will remove myself willingly from this fight And Gladly so. But I do hope that one person will take up the fight as It is not in me anymore. I pray for you that you seek and find what is true and what is reality of the problem, But as I said I have no hope for the future. For those of you who are my friends I thank you and God bless you. And for those of you who are by your efforts continuing in this system of oppression, may you one day see that what You have been told is true that you are simply a tool for the oppressor, I pray for you most because I fear you must be deceived as I can not see that so many are blind as to their efforts.
I ask one last thing from those that read this blog before you give your efforts, your time, your money, your compassion, please look at who it is who receives your praise. and ask yourself are they really who they say they are or are they only as good as there present funding drive and PR campaign? Ask what Have they done that was effective in the last 10yrs? do they continue to change their focus to keep you from seeing the results of their past efforts? have they already received millions of dollars and failed in their efforts? Have they been successful in their past efforts? do they change tactics to receive more funding? But please for the sake of others Like myself ask Something, That They Might have some hope for the future. As I do Not!

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