Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Standing On What You Believe

We Today Live In a World Where There is In the Minds Of Most Much Confusion about the World Around them and we often Stand divided even within Ourselves as  To where or what we should stand for. For everyone this is a personal Tragedy Or Triumph depending Upon that person And their personal experience.
I can only speak For Myself and This coming from an examination of My beliefs and My personal experience But believe Me when I tell You I by way Of a Post and the Following conversation I had On facebook In this last 24hrs had much soul searching to do and I know that If only true to me I must stand On what I know the Lord has revealed To me as Being True It is Not something I would Debate Or ask that others To Just Blindly Follow But to ask God To reveal To them That truth which Can Only come from Him.
The Above Post was Shared to My Page By someone I have come to enjoy having Our facebook interactions with and am often enlightened and blessed By many of Their Post and Observations. I was Personally effected By this Post and also Deeply Troubled And at that I left the Following reply.

Ok I am Confused One Gives Love And Life And the Other Brings Only Death And Misery, If You Are Using The One That Brings Life For More Than A dust Collector, You would Know The other Comes from A different spirit, One That seeks to separate Mankind, From The Spirit Bound in The Truth Of The Other. I am so sorry For the Lengthy Reply I am Just So confused But I bet If Every American Dusted Of the One and Learned How To use It Daily, We could Move all Of Mankind To Lay Down The Other.

This My Post was Left Shortly After the Shared Post was Left, and immediately,when I seen the Image I knew it was Not Myself But the Spirit Within Me that Cried Out, This Is just so wrong. I believe The confusion That I faced was the turmoil  Between offending a friend Or Standing for what I myself truly Believed. I received No response At first and To Myself Early this Morning I thought Boy Now you’ve done It! and I was troubled, However Later I received a response Telling Me I had Made them Think and That I was Right. Little do they Know I was Not In any way right, and Had anguished over opening My big Mouth Again. This Time However I believe Was For The reason, That I was Open to follow that still small voice of the Spirit In which I heeded. I Often In My life Fail At this I know what is Right , And I do what Is right For Joseph And Not What Is right.

But in This I was taught A valuable Lesson and That Being that we as A Church, And By Church I mean Everyone Man Woman And Child That Cries Out Jesus Is Lord,  Often fail In Our role Of society Because We often Do not seek the Spirit In matters Of simplicity Or of Grave Importance, And Most often Seek That which Is right for Us.
The Above Image Which Triggered This Post was In it’s Original Form Conceived By I am Sure a Brother Or Sister In Christ Living In the Same Turmoil with Which we all Gods Children Struggle With Everyday.  And I ask That they Be blessed. But I ask Of what Strange Spirit was It Conceived,  And How were They so easily Deceived, Knowing That It Can and Has Happened as easily To Me.

And  To Others I must Point Out That It is Most worldly And appalling to God The Creator And We Deny The Very Spirit Of Christ In the representation Of Him In any Form But That Of Love And self Sacrifice. We Must Cling To That which Is Good And Yes He Even Says Hate And deplore That Which Is Evil And Not to call That Which Is Evil Good, Nor That Which Is Good Evil. So To Compare That Which Gives Life His Word To That which Gives Death A Firearm And Portray Them as Equal In Value Is Not Of God.

Be Thankful Though Church Because These Are the Strong Delusions Of which His Word Warned Us Against And Be Full Of Mercy And Hope because These Things Being accepted as Part of the Norm, He Must Truly Be near.

And I thank Him Mostly For His Mercy And Grace, Because I look Behind Me I have Had Failures Greater Than This, But I do Know It is Not Counted Unto Me Because Christ Jesus Paid The Price.   

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  1. This is wonderful and I thank you for opening my eyes on my post of this and helping me to see that essentially I was riding two rails.. needed to pick one .. and OF COURSE I PICKED GOD.... Always will ... funny how you get posts from freinds and sometimes like this time .. you just pass it on without thinking about it.. JOSEPH, you made me think and that is what I needed to do .. God used you as a tool to talk to me about this and I thank God and I also thank you for taking the time to enlighten me!! God Bless and Keep You Always... ~~LINDA~~


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