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Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Monday, April 23, 2012

Just Knowing Will Never Effect Change !

I was Asked How Is it You believe That You Know the difference Between a good Homeless services Agency and A Bad One Joseph?
I was Hesitant at first to reply, and I replied In Kind, Facing A question with a Question, Why Would You Ask Me That? you refuse To speak To Me In Public You have Me Blocked On Twitter And You removed yourself from My Facebook account!
I also Explained That answering That was almost Like giving Ammo To someone who keeps Shooting at you. However I feel That Everyone Is entitled To answers To their Questions.
It was almost Comical To Me because I had a conversation just a few days Back with someone as To why I felt Like Faith Based Homeless services Should Like any other Organization Be able to Exclude People who Do Not Meet their requirements. And If those Requirements Be That You Attend A Short Service Before Dinner and A bed Or observe A moment of silence While they Pray than It is as A privately Funded Service Organization Their Choice. That Flies In the Face Of Many But It is Or Has Been A fact For some Number Of Years That Faith Based Programs That Have A requirement  Of Attending Any Service Based On that Faith Are Excluded From Federal Funding and Cannot within Any of their Services Requiring It, Partake Of community Development Block Grants. So why Should They Not Have That freedom Of Choice?
I do However Believe That There are Organizations That Are Out there That Are Good And Bad Both Secular And Faith Based. The Way To Tell The difference Is To Me relatively Simple, One Could Either Live On the streets For decades and Try to Get Them To Help You Or You could Look at what They Say about themselves.
Answer This Question? Do Homeless Service Organizations House People?  In Short NO!  There are many that will tell you they Do, Fact is It Is the Dept of Housing and Urban Development, and The section 8 Vouchering system that Houses the Overwhelming Majority Of Homeless In this Country. The Ones Claiming, We Housed I housed, I house, We House, Are in essence Deceiving People. Most Homeless services Agencies If you Look at their Charters and Guidelines Are simply Referral Agencies. They Refer Homeless To State and federal Agencies That Are already available For the Homeless. The Referral Agencies have received Funding In most cases To Help Homeless Individuals Through The Painstaking Application Process. In doing so They are as deceptive as The Counter man at McDonalds if Asking Him What He does For a Living He replies I feed The Hungry! These Are Bad Agencies and Cost ineffective.
Then There are Good agencies and They Do Not Claim We do This Or that They tell you right Up front I am Sorry we are simply a referral Agency. and They do Not Look for Praise. They more often than Not Share with People How they Were blessed To have assisted someone In meeting the right People to Get into Housing, and The generally Talk about How It was a Humbling experience, And They Were Grateful To have Helped.
But the True separation Is the former feel the Homeless Are Lucky To have them to Help, while the Latter feel as If they Were Lucky to have Been able to Help.  Look the Only Point I am Trying to Make is that, Bad Homeless services Agencies Are sucking the Life out of the Homeless and The good ones are struggling to survive Just like the Homeless themselves. Only the Good Ones Aren’t Begging For funding, And The Bad ones will tell you Your better off to Give to Us Than too the Homeless themselves!
What I find Even More Comical Is this After writing About This For Well over a year Now, People Still Just Blindly Follow And Praise These Organizations That Have Failed Us For so Long Believing That They Must be doing Good They say So in their Pamphlets, and their News Letter. Why I even seen Them Tweet How Much Good They Do So It Must Be True.  And People never Bother Too actually Find Out what they do and where their Funding Goes.
The Only Up side Is, That I have also Watched Over the Last year as Some people Have woke Up and Began To question Organizational Failure.
However Knowing It will Never effect Change If in than Knowing You remain Silent!

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