Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Unworthy Forgotten and left behind.

The 4th of July, now past a time of family and celebration at least for most. I in no way wanted to before the day post my feelings about it or cast any shadow upon the plans laid out before others. As I have a different life and belief than others I felt it was for me to remain silent and allow the day to take its course as it has throughout the history of our great nation. I have A unique perspective on this and any other holiday because Of the Homeless life I live. It is a simple thing for me to abstain from the celebrations and feast which we see as a part of our culture as Americans. Independence day for me however holds a different meaning I see it from perspective not available to most, I see it from the eyes of men who where left behind. we pride ourselves on having a military that leaves no man behind It is often given in the light of some heroic act or some act of war in which men where saved from the indignity of battle by their comrades in arms, bringing them safely home.
Once men are  returned to their homeland However they are deemed as having been brought safely home, I however see the reality of America, because I get to spend a holiday that brings a country together with talk of her greatness and Her liberty and independence afforded all of her citizens. with the Men and women that She has cast off and by every definition left behind. I gained my independence by my own ability to see the reality of what we have become. a culture of apathy and grave indifference to our fellow man. A place where it is said of men that they should just pull themselves up by there bootstraps and go on,  there are men like LT. A man I met while he was digging in a dumpster for cans, Or Buddha The 320lb brother Who is always happy, and never unwilling to give a chuckle to others with some cornball joke you’ve heard since Jr high school, Or Top  who says that’s where he’s headed back too. Or 2loco’s called such because if given more than that you would be forced to give Him a dirt nap. because of His invincible self, Then there’s tiny who is about a six pack away from Buddha in weight class, Then there was dirty Harry not so called because Of his Eastwood like appearance. But The 4th, for all of us was a day we wont soon forget, as To our efforts they where nothing but we were bound by our lack to come together , and Have a Day of it. it started slow as I began to solicit food for our little menagerie than As I talked my way into a mass of Chicken Grilled, fried, BBQ’D wings, and corn on the cob, slaw a feast for kings. truly awesome. I honestly put little effort into the food and as many know I am well aware the who that made for us provision that being God and God alone. It had nothing to do with me Begging for food It was The Lord that went before me and prepared a way for me.
2locos as obnoxious as He may be supplied the Festivities of Booze and was able to come up with a case of Dog bite (never drank it, tramps swear by it!) and a wide variety of Weed, many would say see I told you a bunch of drunks and drug addicts, But we were simply men trying for a brief moment in time to be just a bunch of  regular Joe’s. We shared stories of times past and Better lives once lived and Loves Held dear and those Lost. What we found was we are just men and we never left each other behind. What we had was a respect each man for another.
The greatest Part of My day However was In the Morning before starting my endeavors I was for the first Time called Dad By my Son, a great day no matter what Happened. There was a Part of my day that I kept from others I was and am disheartened by others that feel they are above all of these people. My day was a blessing period and It was spent with Men who are by others deemed as Hopeless,or unworthy, But Men none the less. I asked for no donations to help pull this off I solicited no funds from you my friends and my readers Hell I didn’t even know this day was going to come together until the morning of and did only because Of someone else's desire to be as he said A regular person.
I was going to spend it feeling sorry for myself and others like me because I am one of the men who as others have said are a dead end a waste of your efforts. However we pulled it off and the men Might still be drunks today because I set no bonds on them I didn’t tell them you aren’t trying to help yourself enough you aren’t worthy of what today holds for us, everyone was accepted in our little circle of dregs. We were for the day Like any of you, we loved, we laughed, we sang, we celebrated friends who couldn’t be with us for one reason or another.
We held no great illusion of ourselves we Know just who the hell we are and if for you we are not productive enough for society, or if we are not trying enough to model our lives after yours. For that we don’t apologize. Only  2loco’s was not a US Veteran, but as a young Man the Rest of Us decided He can be Vouched for as real and as a brother in arms and a friend, after all He ruled the day as I just with the Help of God Provided food He provided The booze and bowls. So The Vet’s He dined With this Holiday will always be there for Him. Did The Day become Us Did it define Us as to who we are? I think Not Others would argue it did, some would say their Just a bunch of drunks who aren't trying to fit in. What I do know Is this While I am Not special In anyway the Men I spent the Day with this ragtag band of brothers are In each and every case in their Own way special to someone If only Me and Ye’shua.

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