Men can only be equal on the Day we are all Equal,

"the truth is not always Beautiful, nor beautiful Words the truth"

Lao Tzu

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Albert Pine

Monday, March 11, 2013

If I were Sorry I’ld Say It !

If I offended You in My past Post, By calling The Roman Catholic The Whore Of Babylon. I would Like To say I am Sorry, But I am Not. As A Bible believing Christian with nothing but time to read and discern the word Of God the Father and the sword of the spirit, I can Only say that You all in the church need to wake Up and pull your head from the sand!

The world today is plotting against those who would align themselves with the One true God, and His son Jesus Christ. We are on the precipice of the tribulation Period, there Is no Hope in solving the Homeless problem In America and It is a Small problem In compare to the rest of the problems that we are faced with.we all focus on the problems that effect us and forego the problems that face people as a whole, governments around the world have conspired against the Lord Of Host in that they have enslaved their populations and made each and every person on the planet willing to sell there souls in ignorance, For a small amount of creature comforts. food Shelter clothing and the silencing of the children’s cries from Hunger. We The Human race as a whole have been taught to look at others as if their problems are not ours.

There is nothing that could be farther from the truth we all are in the middle of a Game being played by the father of Lies. God Made it clear that Satan Is the ruler of this world, Satan In the wilderness Offered Ye’shua The kingdoms of this world, and This makes it clear to all who would care to listen That These Kingdoms where His To offer. So we ignore the warning that we battle against spiritual Wickedness in High places. And we continue to live our lives as if we as small an insignificant as we are that we can change the world. News flash we can not change the world the best we can hope for is that we don’t let it Change us.

Preachers Like Joel Olsteen, Rev Hinn , Joyce Meyers, Td Jakes, and yes even Billy Graham, Robert Schuller, Perry Stone, Steven Furtick, Perry Nobel and others who Preach This Lie that God Is a God Of prosperity and His people will prosper In this world, Are indeed preaching the World’s (satan’s) Message and Not Gods, God Having come to earth, laying Down His Life For Mankind, Having risen On the third day,and is alive today,was very clear when He said He would Provide Food Shelter and clothing, And these things should For us Be sufficient unto us. And anyone teaching you anything else are teaching you a lie. and one founded By the Father of lie’s The son Of perdition Satan Who was Cast out having believed Himself to be as God. He Deceived Eve in the Garden And He deceives as many as he can today.

There Is Hunger, Poverty, Homelessness, war, Famine, Disease in this world we live in simply because Mankind,refuses to be content with what God Has given Him, and the Gifts He has are not nourished, which have been given to Him. His stewardship Of the Garden He leaves in the hands of those who wish to destroy Him. And He has allowed the world To teach the generations that follow Him In the ways of the rulers of Darkness of this world.

So I can Only say Again Separate yourself from the world, In doing so You can connect yourself To God The Father. Because It is True You cannot serve God And Mammon. And The Kingdom Draws Nigh unto you.

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